Tailored Market Research

FALKE Information can provide market studies, analyses and reports tailored to our clients’ demand for market information. Our tailored research services aim to providing the most accurate and targeted market research regarding your specific requirements. The results can include two types of data, depending on the focus of the project but will normally prioritise the second type:

a) Primary information: research that is compiled by ourselves and collected directly from the market.

b) Secondary information: research that is already compiled and organised, and is provided by existing, reliable information sources. Examples of secondary information include statistics and studies by government agencies, trade associations or other businesses within your industry.

Falke Tailored Market Research

We would be delighted to accommodate your demand for tailored research into one of the four categories below. Please send us your brief or main research requirements, providing as much detail as possible and ideally including the desired time frame for the analysis to contact@falkeinformation.org. Our team will get back to you with a quote for the services with not commitment from your part. If you prefer, please use the contact form provided in our Contact page.

Falke Tailored Market Research Services