Global Report: Steel Industry

Publication date: May 2016

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The global steel sector has been going through a challenging moment, with crude steel production down to 1,598 million tonnes in 2015 and estimated to drop further to 1,545 in 2016. With decreasing steel prices, production value is estimated to have collapsed from US$ 2.5 trillion in 2011 to merely US$ 1.5 trillion in 2015. The decrease in demand and production of steel in China are in large part to blame and other world markets anticipate a further 2.9% decrease for 2016. As a result, most of the top steel groups in the world have suffered losses in 2015, and numerous have decreased their steel sales steadily since 2011. On the other hand, a positive outlook for the main economic sectors supplied by the steel – construction, automotive, materials – allows experts to expect a recovery of the industry from 2017. Emerging markets will show the greatest growth over the next 10 years.

Global Steel Industry Report Sections

1. Overview of the global steel sector: US$ 400
Brief overview of the steel industry in the world
Overview of the steel manufacturing process and individual stages
Evolution of the global crude steel production (1975-2016)
Geographic breakdown of the global crude steel production and apparent use (2008-2016)
Steel sales breakdown per sector and circular economy of the steel industry (2015/2016)
Top 20 crude steel producing countries in the world in million tonnes (2015)
Steel production breakdown per product category and into domestic sales and exports (2008-2016)
Global crude steel production value and average steel price evolution (2010-2019)
Evolution of global steel exports and imports across product categories (2010-2015)
Evolution of the steel foreign trade surplus, main steel exporters and importers (2010-2015)

2. Overview of the main players in the global steel sector: US$ 450
Main steel groups in the world according to revenue, margin & growth in 2015
Geographic breakdown of global steel revenues and sales volume in 2015
Revenue growth for top 16 steel groups in the world (2011 vs. 2015)
Bubble chart of growth vs. margin for the top 15 steel groups in 2015
Bubble chart of Ebitda vs. ROE for the top 15 steel groups in 2015
Geographic breakdown of the top 60 global steel groups in revenue (2011 vs. 2015)
Geographic breakdown of the top 60 global steel groups in sales volume (2011 vs. 2015)
Sales portfolio of 15 selected steel groups in the world according to product type (2015)
Revenues, growth and net margin of the top 60 steel groups per country in 2015

3. Short-term outlook and perspectives for the steel industry: US$ 400
Main perspectives for the global steel industry (2016-2017)
Evolution of the global steel consumption per country in million tonnes (2006-2020)
Global steel industry capacity, production, consumption and excess of capacity (2004-2018)
Steel growth analysis in selected countries month-on-month (2014-2015)
Sustainability indicators - environmental: emissions & energy intensity (2003-2015)
Sustainability indicators - environmental: efficiency and EMS (2003-2015)
Sustainability indicators - social: employee injuries & training (2003-2015)
Sustainability indicators - economic: investment and value (2003-2015)
World map of regional steel outlook (2015-2018)

4. Brief overview of the European and Chinese steel markets: US$ 300
Evolution of steel production and apparent consumption in Europe (2006-2016)
Steel sales breakdown and growth rate per country in the EU (2011 vs. 2015)
European steel market supply and breakdown per origin (2006-2016)
Evolution and product breakdown of the European steel industry foreign trade (2011-2016)
Steel production, consumption and estimated revenue in China (2006-2016)
Overview of the steel market evolution in China vs. the world (2015)
Ranking of the top steel players in China in revenue in 2015

5. Trends and perspectives for steel and its related sectors: US$ 400
Steel in the buildings and infrastructure industry in the world
Steel in the automotive industry in the world
Steel in the food packaging industry and level of recycling in the world
Steel in the transport industry and its environmental impact
Steel in the materials industry and its environmental impact
Health and safety among employees in the global steel industry (2004-2015)
10-year growth outlook for the main steel-consuming sectors in the world