Steel & Metals Industry Report

Publication date: March 2018

Falke Steel & Metals Industry Report

Steel & Metals Industry Report: US$ 795
The Brazilian steel market finally shows signs of recovery after continuous declines in production since 2011. Crude steel production increased 9.9% in 2017 and should grow at least a further 2.3% in 2018. Total metals production in Brazil accounted for 44 million tons with revenues of US$ 35 billion in 2017. Trade balance amounted to US$ 10.5 billion. Steel consumption has also resumed growth in Brazil and leader ArcelorMittal reviewed their strategies based on positive expectations of up to 7% growth in revenue in the Brazilian market.

This report analyses the subject market in Brazil, its main products and services, main players’ performance and Brazilian steel & metals segments, as well as an overview of the global steel industry.

Steel & Metals - Industry report sections

1. Overview of the Brazilian steel & metals sector
- Brief history of steel in the world
- Brief history of steel in Brazil
- Overview diagram of the steel manufacturing process
- Evolution of crude steel production in Brazil in million tons (1996-2018)
- Overview of the main flat and long steel products in Brazil and involved companies (2017)
- Brazilian national steel production platform and geographic distribution of players
- Evolution and breakdown of the Brazilian metals production in million tons (2007-2017)
- Revenues and trade balance for the metals sector in Brazil (2007-2017)

2. Evolution of the main steel & metals indicators in Brazil
- Crude steel capacity, production and foreign trade in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Steel production breakdown in Brazil and crude steel domestic sales & exports (2007-2017)
- Steel revenues, per capita consumption and average price in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Geographic breakdown of crude steel production and consumption (2014-2015-2016-2017)
- Overview of the aluminium production platform and installed capacity in Brazil (2016)
- Aluminium capacity, production and foreign trade in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Nickel and zinc production, consumption and foreign trade in Brazil (2013-2017)

3. Overview of the main steel & metals players in Brazil
- Installed capacity of the top 8 steel manufacturing groups in Brazil (2016)
- Main financial figures for the top 10 steel and metals groups in Brazil (2016/2017)
- Assets, equity and profitability indicators for the top 10 steel and metals groups in Brazil (2017)
- Ebitda vs. ROE bubble chart for the top 20 steel and metals companies revenue in Brazil (2016/2017)

4. The Brazilian steel & metals sector in the world
- Crude steel production breakdown, BFI and DRI production figures in million tons (2007-2017)
- Brazilian share on global steel consumption and ranking of top 30 producers in the world (2007-2017)
- Sales portfolio of the top 10 steel and metals groups in the world (2017)
- Top 10 crude steel producing countries in the world in million tons (2014-2017)
- Crude steel per capita consumption in Brazil and in selected countries (2007-2017)
- Total crude steel production and country breakdown in Latin America (2007-2017)
- Global steel and metals mergers & acquisitions in volume and value (2013-2015)
- Mergers & acquisitions in the global steel & metals sector (2015-2017)
- Ranking of top 12 steel exporters and importers in the world (2012-2016)
- Short-term expectations for steel demand and annual variation in Brazil (2016 vs. 2017 vs. 2018)
- Experts opinions and general trends for the steel industry