Sanitary Ware Industry Report

Publication date: February 2018

Falke Sanitary Ware Industry Report

Full Sanitary Ware Report: US$ 995
The Brazilian sanitary ware sector is estimated to have achieved total turnover of US$ 1,402 million in 2017, increasing 6.8% in dollars compared to 2016, and slight recovery from the 30% drop in 2015. The market is composed of two main segments: sanitary metals, which account for 63% of revenues, and ceramics. Production is concentrated in the Southeast (59%), Northeast and South regions of Brazil. Trade balance has been going up and down although imported products have lost relevance over the past years. Retailers, home centres and distributors account for 68% of distribution channels in Brazil and the segments have considerably different cost structures.

This report analyses the subject market, main products categories, players’ performance and forecasts for the global sanitary ware market until 2025.

Sanitary Ware Business Report Sections

1. Overview of the Brazilian sanitary ware sector
- Brief history of the Brazilian sanitary ware sector
- Estimated sanitary ware turnover and share of imported products across segments (2007-2017)
- Product examples and main raw materials across sanitary ware segments in Brazil
- Construction materials segments: sanitary metals (2009-2016)
- Construction materials segments: ceramics (2009-2016)
- Foreign trade of sanitary metals and ceramics in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Breakdown of installed capacity and factories per region and per brand/product (2016/2017)
- Evolution of mortgages and real estate funding in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Growth expectations for the construction industry in Brazil (2012-2020)

2. Main sanitary ware players and recent initiatives
- Overview of main sanitary metals and ceramics players in Brazil
- Overview and revenues of selected sanitary ware companies in Brazil (2011-2016)
- Brief history of the four sanitary ware groups in Brazil: Roca, Deca, Docol, Fabrimar
- Revenue and profitability indicators for the top 5 sanitary ware brands in Brazil (2016)

3. Sanitary ware distribution channels and price evolution
- Breakdown of sanitary ware distribution channels in Brazil (2008-2017)
- Foreign trade price evolution for sanitary metals and ceramics in Brazil (2008-2017)
- Estimated cost structure differences between sanitary metals and ceramics in Brazil
- Overview of the average price to the end consumer for sanitary metals and ceramic products (2018)

4. Overview of the global sanitary ware industry
- Global sanitary metals and ceramics sales evolution & forecast and product breakdown (2008-2025)
- Geographic breakdown of sanitary metals and ceramics sales in the world (2015-2025)
- Sanitary ware sales portfolio in Brazil and other selected countries in the world (2017)
- Overview of sanitary ware distribution channels in selected European countries (2016)
- Main financial figures for the top 10 sanitary ware groups in the world (2016/2017)
- Ebitda of the top 12 sanitary ware players and comparison between metals & ceramics (2016/2017)
- Sanitary ware concentration level and estimated ceramics market share in Europe (2017)