Pharma Industry Report

Publication date: June 2017

Falke Pharma Industry Report

Full Pharma Report: US$ 985
The Brazilian pharmaceutical sector is estimated to have grown at a CAGR of 14.6% in Reais between 2008 and 2017, reaching revenues of US$ 25.6 billion. Generics currently represent 27% of the market compared to 12% in 2007. Exports only represent about 7% of sales and the sector’s trade balance has remained negative, reaching a deficit of US$ 5.3 billion in 2017. Families’ spend with health increased 114% over the past 8 years but hospital beds per inhabitant have dropped below the minimum threshold recommended by the World Health Organization. United States and European Union remain the main players in the global pharmaceutical foreign trade.

This report analyses the subject market, its main products, players’ performance and the Brazilian pharmaceutical market in the world.

Pharma Business Report Sections

1. Overview of the Brazilian pharmaceutical sector: US$ 325
- Brief history of the Brazilian pharmaceutical sector
- Supply chain diagram for the pharmaceutical sector in Brazil
- Pharmaceutical revenues breakdown into branded and generics and share on national GDP (2008-2017)
- Pharmaceutical sales breakdown into branded and generics and price per box (2008-2017)
- Evolution of registered drugs and generics share in the world and selected regions (2008-2017)
- Pharmaceuticals exports and trade balance evolution in Brazil (2008-2017)
- Pharmaceuticals exports and trade balance evolution in the Mercosur (2008-2017)
- Use of capacity and sales seasonality for pharmaceuticals in Brazil (2008-2017)
- Employment and sales volume evolution in the pharmaceutical sector in Brazil (2005-2017)
- Pharmaceuticals price evolution and comparison to standard inflation in Brazil (2000-2017)
- Overview of the Brazilian drugstore and pharmacy sector (2009-2016)

2. Overview of hospital and health sector in Brazil: US$ 300
- Consumption of health goods and services and share on national GDP in Brazil (2008-2017)
- Geographic breakdown of families’ absolute and relative spend on drugs per income level (2016)
- Geographic breakdown of hospital beds and share of public hospitals across regions (2008-2017)
- Hospital beds per 1,000 inhabitants across geographic regions and WHO threshold (1996-2017)
- Hospitalisation, level of occupation and laboratory exams in Brazil (2008-2017)
- Hospital beds & number of surgeries, and surgery breakdown per size (2008-2017)
- Hospital revenue breakdown per service and according to payment source (2008-2017)
- Revenue vs. hospitalisation per bed bubble chart according to revenue in private hospitals (2016)

3. Main players in the Brazilian pharmaceutical market: US$ 200
- Main financial figures for the top 12 pharmaceutical groups in Brazil (2016)
- Ebitda and exports share on revenues for the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Brazil (2016)
- Ebitda vs. ROE bubble chart according to revenue for the top 10 pharmaceutical groups in Brazil (2016)
- Brief history of the top 4 pharmaceutical conglomerates in Brazil

4. The Brazilian pharmaceutical sector in the world: US$ 350
- Global pharmaceutical sales ranking, consumption evolution & forecast (2011 vs. 2016 vs. 2021)
- Turnover ranking for pharmaceutical companies in the world and R&D spend (2016)
- Top 13 pharmaceutical exporters in the world (2001 vs. 2009 vs. 2016)
- Pharmaceutical exports and imports in Brazil and 14 selected countries (2015)
- Geographic breakdown of global consumption of pharmaceuticals (2014 vs. 2019)
- Pharmaceutical sales forecast and breakdown according to world regions, branded & generics (2014-2019)
- Geographic breakdown of R&D investments for pharmaceuticals compared to other industries (2016)
- Setbacks: hidden costs in the purchase of pharmaceuticals in Brazil and other selected countries