Education Sector Report

Publication date: February 2018

Falke Education Sector Report

Full Education Report: US$ 595
The Brazilian education sector is formed of 4 main segments: pre-school, primary, secondary and higher education. The number of schools decreased from 201 thousand to 188 thousand between 2007 and 2017. Private education holds about 88% of higher education schools and 74% of enrolments. However, the private sector is less relevant in primary and secondary education, representing about 22% in 2017. Distance education has grown in popularity, covering a variety of subjects and education levels. Student mobility gained relevance and Canada remains top destination for Brazilians.

This report analyses the Brazilian education sector, covering schools, enrolments, graduations and faculties, as well as distance and international education modalities in the country.

Education Business Report Sections

1. Overview of the Brazilian education system
- Brief history and structure of the Brazilian education sector
- Evolution of schools, enrolments and graduations in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Share of private education in secondary and superior education in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Teachers per school and students per teacher across public and private schools in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Trained teachers across public & private education and education levels in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Geographic breakdown of education indicators in Brazil (2016)
- Share of education in families’ expenses and geographic breakdown in Brazil (2015)

2. Main segments of public and private education in Brazil
- Enrolments and schools breakdown across levels of education in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Graduations across public and private schools in different education levels (2008-2017)
- Comparison of main indicators across public and private education in Brazil (2013-2017)
- Geographic breakdown of main education indicators (public vs. private) in Brazil (2016)
- Geographic breakdown of main education indicators (education levels) in Brazil (2016)
- Breakdown of students according to gender, level and public & private education

3. Higher and distance education in Brazil
- Overview and structure of superior education in Brazil
- Supply and demand for superior education courses in Brazil: public vs. private (2016)
- Breakdown of graduations in higher education programmes in 2016
- Ranking of top 40 superior education schools in Brazil (2016)
- Evolution of distance education in Brazil - enrolments (2003-2017)
- Breakdown of distance education entities according to geographic regions in 2016
- Media types used in distance education across geographic regions in Brazil
- Student profile in distance education schools in Brazil in 2016
- Supply and demand for distance education courses in Brazil: public vs. private (2016)
- Overview of distance education courses within the corporate sector (2016)

4. Overview of the international education sector in Brazil
- Demand for superior education across regions worldwide (2010 vs. 2015 vs. 2025)
- Main destinations of international Brazilian students (2012-2017)
- Outbound internationally mobile tertiary students abroad
- Main countries of origin of international students per host country in 2016
- Breakdown of international students enrolled in Brazil in 2016
- Recent initiatives for international education in selected countries in the world
- Main drivers for Brazilian demand for international education programmes worldwide