Contact Centres Industry Report

Publication date: October 2016

Falke Contact Centres Industry Report

Full Contact Centres Report: US$ 925
The Brazilian contact centre market is expected to reach nearly US$ 14 billion in 2016 with 820 customer care units. The average revenue per units has continued to increase in Reais since 2011 but will drop to US$ 17,030 in the same year. In Brazil, customer care contact centres are used particularly by higher income customers and predominantly via telephone and in store. In house contact centres are growing faster than outsourced units with CAGR of 13% in revenue and 9% in units between 2010 and 2016.

This report discusses the subject market, its geographic footprint, main products and services, main players’ financial and operational performance and other analyses.

Contact Centres Business Report Sections

1. Overview and evolution of the Brazilian contact centres sector: US$ 300
- Brief history of the contact centre sector in Brazil
- Business model diagram for contact centres in Brazil
- E-commerce sales and e-consumers evolution in Brazil (2007-2016)
- Contact centre demand breakdown per service type and geographic region (2011-2016)
- Service points and level of outsourcing per economic sector in Brazil (2015)
- Turnover and service points breakdown into self-managed and outsourced (2009-2016)
- Average turnover per service point in Brazil (2007-2016)

2. Contact centre customer & employee profile in Brazil: US$ 300
- Evolution of online retail in Brazil: sales, customers and average ticket (2008-2016)
- Contact centre customers breakdown per industry in Brazil (2013 vs. 2014)
- Use of contact centres and type of service breakdown per income class in Brazil (2015)
- Use of contact centre per type of service and age range in Brazil (2015)
- Customer profile for advertising and online communication in Brazil
- Contact centre employee profile: age, gender and education (2010 vs. 2015)
- Contact centre career stages and average salaries in Brazil (2014 vs. 2016)

3. Contact centre outsourcing and main players in Brazil: US$ 300
- Contact centre breakdown per geographic region and type of service in Brazil (2009-2016)
- Self-managed and outsourced contact centres: sales, service points and sales per point (2010-2016)
- Main figures of the top contact centre groups in Brazil (2015)
- Overview of the main contact centre players in terms of operation platform and services (2015)
- Brief history of the top 4 contact centre groups in Brazil
- Top 5 contact centre groups: assets & equity and profitability indicators (2015)
- Top 5 contact centre groups sales per indicator: employee, point of service & site (2015)
- Revenue per service point vs. revenue per site bubble chart for top 20 contact centres in Brazil (2015)

4. Market strategies and main perspectives for contact centres: US$ 175
- Predominant technologies, main setbacks and customer services
- Focus on service vs. technologies and perspectives for 2016
- Contact centre evolution into the “customer care network” model in Brazil