Construction Industry Report

Publication date: May 2017

Falke Construction Industry Report

Full Construction Report: US$ 995
The Brazilian construction industry employs over 3 million people and should account for 4.8% of the national GDP in 2017. Turnover decreased to US$ 99 billion in 2016 and is expected to drop further to US$ 89 billion in 2017. There are two distinct segments: civil construction and heavy construction (infrastructure works) and the southeast region concentrates almost 50% of all construction companies in Brazil. Infrastructure indicators have improved over the past 10 years but there is still considerable room for growth. Top 4 heavy construction groups in Brazil currently represent only 8% of the sector’s revenue and the highway sector has shown tremendous improved until 2011 but seems to have stagnated since.

This report discusses the subject market's footprint, main players’ performance, civil and heavy construction segments and infrastructure.

Construction Business Report Sections

1. Overview of the Brazilian construction sector: US$ 250
- Brief history of the construction sector in Brazil
- Turnover evolution and share on national GDP in Brazil (2001-2017)
- Industry breakdown and comparison between civil and heavy construction (2008-2016)
- Geographic breakdown and size of construction companies (2015/2016)
- Profitability indicators for construction companies across geographic regions (2015/2016)
- Headcount and average salary evolution in Brazil (2008-2015)

2. Infrastructure evolution and main expectations for Brazil: US$ 350
- Mortgage and real estate financing evolution in Brazil (2006-2017)
- Overview of the infrastructure sector in Brazil
- Demand for industrial and private infrastructure: transportation (2007-2016)
- Demand for industrial and private infrastructure: energy (2007-2016)
- Evolution of the main telecommunications indicators in Brazil (2009-2017)
- Overview of the Growth Acceleration Programme (PAC) (2007-2010)
- Advancements and impacts of the PAC in the real estate sector (2001-2014)
- Employment evolution in infrastructure areas: transportation, energy, construction & health (2006-2010)
- Continuation of the Growth Acceleration Programme (PAC2)
- Investment breakdown and breakdown of the PAC2 (2011-2014 and thereafter)
- Growth expectation for the construction sector in Brazil (2011-2018)
- Overview of the partnership & collaboration scheme for construction in the world

3. Overview of the main players in Brazil: US$ 225
- Main financial figures for the top 7 construction conglomerates in Brazil (2016)
- Business portfolio and ROE for the top 5 construction conglomerates in Brazil (2016)
- Heavy construction revenue evolution and breakdown in Brazil (2008-2016)
- Overview & analysis of the Odebrecht Group (2008-2015)
- Overview & analysis of the Camargo Correa Group (2008-2015)

4. Overview of the Brazilian highway sector: US$ 375
- Brief history and overview of the highway sector in Brazil
- Cargo transportation breakdown and highway extension in Brazil (2015)
- Evolution of highway concession and number of players in Brazil (2005-2015)
- Geographic breakdown of concessions and quality of highways in Brazil (2015)
- Highway toll collection breakdown and geographic segmentation in Brazil (2008-2016)
- Revenue and investment evolution in highway concessions in Brazil (2005-2016)
- Operating income and margin evolution for highway concessions in Brazil (2005-2016)
- Breakdown of improvement works and extension of bridges and viaducts (2008-2016)
- Cargo transportation evolution forecast for Brazil (2015 vs. 2025)