Beverages Industry Report

Publication date: July 2017

Falke Beverages Industry Report

Full Beverages Report: US$ 925
The Brazilian beverages sector is expected to reach over R$ 121 billion in net revenue in 2017, growing at a high CAGR of 7.2% since 2005. Alcoholic beverages have gained share over the past 10 years, reaching 32% in 2016 but per capita consumption of mineral water and soft drinks increased 87.5% and 25.0% respectively between 2005 and 2016. Beer consumption has decreased to 13.5 billion litres in 2017, with international giant Ambev (owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev) dominating the segment.

This report discusses the subject market, its geographic footprint, main products and services, main competitors’ performance and the impact of the 2014 World Cup in the beer segment in Brazil.

Beverages Business Report Sections

1. Overview of the Brazilian beverages industry: US$ 275
- Brief history of the beverages industry in Brazil
- Beverage net revenue (2005-2017) and breakdown into categories (2005 vs. 2016)
- Total and per capita consumption evolution in litres (2008-2017)
- Beverage foreign trade in Brazil (2008-2017)
- Consumption seasonality per product type in volume (2013-2017)
- Per capita consumption per product type and recent growth (2005 vs. 2016)
- Global beverage sales volume and per capita consumption (2008-2017)
- Top soft drinks manufacturers and alcohol consumption (2001 vs. 2017)

2. Main market players in Brazil: US$ 225
- Top players main financial indicators (2016)
- Ebitda vs. ROE and size comparison among top players (2016)
- Capital structure and profitability of main players (2016)
- Global ranking of top 40 players in sales (2016)

3. Soft (fizzy) and non alcoholic drinks: US$ 250
- Total and per capita consumption of non-alcoholic drinks (2008-2017)
- Geographic breakdown of non-alcoholic beverages consumption (2016)
- Packaging, point-of-sale and product portfolio in the soft drink segment
- Estimated market share for juice companies in volume (2016)
- Geographic breakdown and market share of top water companies (2016)

4. The beer segment and AmBev: US$ 225
- Total and per capita beer consumption in litres (2006-2017)
- Production cost breakdown and consumer insight
- Existing beer categories in Brazil (origin; colour; alcohol level; fermentation)
- AmBev positioning in the Brazilian beer market (2016)
- Top 10 beer producing countries and consumption volume per continent (2016)
- Latin American beer market and beer per capita consumption (2016)

5. The main five identified market trends in beverages: US$ 25