Autoparts Industry Report

Publication date: October 2017

Falke Autoparts Industry Report

Full Report: US$ 975
The Brazilian automotive parts sector has dropped dramatically in turnover, from US$ 34 billion in 2014 to US$ 18 billion in 2017, which represents a decrease of 67% compared to 2011 when the industry achieved record sales figures. Use of capacity dropped continuously over the past 6 years, reaching 66% in 2017 and labour costs increased from 19% to over 22% over the last 10 years. The trade balance remained negative but with a mild increase to a deficit of US$ 4.8 billion FOB in 2017. The industry is highly concentrated both in Brazil and worldwide, with the 28% largest groups holding over 84% of sales in the country.

This report discusses the subject market’s geographic footprint, main products and services, Brazilian players and prices per category to the end consumer.

Autoparts Industry Report Sections

1. Development of the Brazilian autoparts industry: US$ 250
- Brief history of the automotive parts industry in Brazil
- Turnover and use of capacity of automotive parts in Brazil (2001-2017)
- Geographic footprint and revenues breakdown per state (2016)
- Exports and trade balance for automotive parts in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Industry profitability, assets and equity in Brazil (1994-2016)

2. Main indicators and recent evolution: US$ 200
- Production volume and sales breakdown per destination (2007-2017)
- Investment in capacity and industry geographic breakdown per region (2005-2017)
- Production costs breakdown and industry revenue (2007-2016)
- Automotive parts exports geographic breakdown and main destinations (2006 vs. 2016)
- Automotive parts imports geographic breakdown and main origins (2006 vs. 2016)

3. Overview of automotive parts' players in Brazil: US$ 175
- Autoparts players’ breakdown per size in number of companies and sales volume (2004 vs. 2014)
- Autoparts players’ breakdown per geography in number of companies and sales volume (2006 vs. 2016)
- Brazilian autoparts players’ breakdown per origin of investment and ownership (2016)
- Autoparts players’ breakdown per age and main countries of origin (2006 vs. 2016)

4. The Brazilian automotive parts sector in the world: US$ 225
- Overview of the global automotive parts industry
- Turnover evolution (1985-2017) and M&A in the global autoparts industry (2009-2016)
- Geographic breakdown of the global autoparts market value and sales ranking (2016)
- Overview of the top 20 autoparts suppliers in the world per country (2016)

5. Overview and expectations for the automotive industry in Brazil: US$ 325
- Turnover evolution and share on national GDP (1970-2016)
- Passenger cars and light commercial sales breakdown into new and used vehicles (2005-2017)
- Fleet evolution and cars per inhabitant in Brazil (2007-2017)
- Market share evolution and domestic sales for main OEMs in Brazil (2008-2016)
- Sales breakdown per payment type and credit interest rates (2008-2017)
- Overview of the global automotive vehicle production in 2016
- Steel in the transport industry and its environmental impacts
- Passenger cars and light commercial price evolution per category in Brazil (2001 vs. 2016)