Automotive Industry Report

Publication date: April 2018

Falke Automotive Industry Report

Full Report: US$ 795
The Brazilian automotive sector employs over 1.5 million workers both directly and indirectly. In recent years, the sector collapsed along with most of Brazil's industries, and revenues dropped from US$ 93.6 billion in 2011, to US$ 41.3 billion in 2016. However, OEMs have finally witnessed a slight recovery in 2017, with sales volume growing 4.8% and revenues rising to US$ 43.4 billion. Investments stagnated and accumulate US$ 29.8 million since 2006. The industry remains highly concentrated with the top 4 players sharing around 56% of the market in units. Prices in dollars to the end consumer increased at a CAGR of 1.5% for compacts and 8.3% for large sedans between 1998 and 2018.

This report discusses the subject market's geographic footprint, main products and services, main competitors’ performance, prices per category to the end consumer and other complementary analyses.

Automotive Industry Report sections

1. Overview of the Brazilian automotive industry
- Brief history of the automotive industry in Brazil
- Revenues and share on industrial GDP (1970-2017)
- National presence of OEMs and production ranking (2011 vs. 2017)
- Tax burden and price analysis for imported vehicles (2018)
- Brazilian automotive fleet and vehicles per inhabitant (2007-2018)

2. Main indicators and recent evolution
- Passenger cars and light commercials production and sales (2009-2018E)
- Light, medium and heavy trucks production and sales (2009-2018E)
- Bus production and sales (2009-2018E)
- Investment in capacity (2006-2017) and geographic breakdown of sales points (2017)
- Sales and market share per OEM (2008-2017) and domestic sales evolution (2011 vs. 2017)
- Passenger car & light commercial sales per payment type & interest rates (2007-2018E)
- Passenger car & light commercial sales breakdown in new & second hand (2004-2018E)

3. Main players, vehicle categories and models
- Net revenue of the top 12 OEMs in Brazil (2010-2016)
- Estimated sales portfolio of 8 main OEMs in Brazil in 2017
- Light vehicles sales per type of fuel (2008-2018)
- Sales of passenger cars per engine displacement (1997-2018)

4. The Brazilian automotive sector in the world
- Global automotive vehicles production breakdown and country ranking (2017)
- Global automotive vehicle fleet per region and in selected countries (2015/2016)
- Global automotive vehicles sales evolution (2000 vs. 2017) and country ranking (2017)
- Latin American automotive vehicle fleet, production and sales per country (2017)
- Steel sales breakdown per sector and circular economy
- Steel in the automotive industry in the world
- Steel in the transport industry and its environmental impact
- 10-year growth outlook for the main steel-consuming sectors (2015-2025)

5. Price evolution in the Brazilian automotive sector between 2001 and 2018
- Evolution of average price per vehicle category in Brazil (2001 vs. 2018)
- Price comparison among OEMs: compact and hatchback vehicles (2001 vs. 2018)
- Price comparison among OEMs: sedans (2001 vs. 2018)
- Domestic and imported vehicles prices: compact, hatchback & wagons (2001 vs. 2018)
- Domestic and imported vehicles prices: pickup, sedans and SUVs (2001 vs. 2018)
- Price evolution table per vehicle category (1998-2018)