Airlines Industry Report

Publication date: August 2017

Falke Airlines Industry Report

Full Report: US$ 925
In recent years, the Brazilian airline sector has witnessed the disappearance of the giant Varig and the emergence of lower-value competitors such as Gol and more recently Azul. The market for commercial airline services is expected to drop further to 106 million paying passengers and to sustain 0.9 million tons of cargo transported in domestic and international flights in 2017. Revenues in dollars will also decrease to approximately US$ 10 billion, growing at a CAGR of 9.7% in Reais since 2009. Most Brazilian airlines continue to face losses however less substantial than in 2014 and 2013. All of the large airlines suffered losses in 2016.

This report discusses the subject market's geographic footprint, main services, players’ financial and operational performance and other analyses.

Arilnes Business Report Sections

1. Overview of the Brazilian airlines sector: US$ 275
- Brief history of the airline industry in Brazil
- Evolution of main operational indicators (2007-2017)
- Indicators of paid domestic & international traffic (2010-2017)
- Brazilian airline fleet evolution and composition (2009-2017)
- Main connections, routes and traffic statistics (2016)
- Evolution of employment and breakdown into categories (2010-2017)

2. Financial performance of Brazilian airlines: US$ 200
- Revenue breakdown and paid indicators (2009-2017)
- Domestic and international revenue & operating margin (2009-2017)
- Operating profit and average value per boarded passenger (2007-2017)
- Total assets, shareholders equity, ROE and ROA (2008-2017)
- Varig’s operational loss impact on the market (2001-2007)

3. Main players' financial and operational indicators: US$ 275
- Boarded passengers and kilometres flown per company (2008-2017)
- ASK and RFK per company (2008-2017)
- Commercial airline fleet breakdown per company (2007-2017)
- Revenue portfolio and top airlines in Brazil in 2016
- Main players’ average revenue and cost per operational indicator (2016)
- Main players’ average ticket and cost per passenger (2007-2017)
- Headcount breakdown and operating cost structure for main players (2016)
- 2-page Company profile: TAM (2012-2017)
- 2-page Company profile: Gol (2012-2017)

4. Airport management and infrastructure in Brazil: US$ 250
- Overview of Infraero – Brazilian Airport Management Entity
- Passenger and airplane statistics (2008-2017)
- Geographic breakdown and main airports per region (2016)
- International airline sector – revenue breakdown (2007-2017) and profitability (2016)
- Global commercial airline traffic, main destinations and origins (2010-2016)
- Punctuality and efficiency indicators during airline crisis in 2006 and 2007
- Experts' perspectives involve optimistic scenarios for infrastructure (2017) – 2 pages