Agribusiness Industry Report

Publication date: January 2018

Falke Agribusiness Industry Report

Full Agribusiness Report: US$ 795
The Brazilian agribusiness sector has dropped to R$ 506 billion in production value in 2018, which decreased the CAGR further to 2.6% since 2008. Agriculture represents a slightly larger share of the sector’s GDP (65.8%) when compared to livestock farming. The agribusiness trade balance continued to sustain the Brazilian foreign trade with a balance of US$ 67 billion FOB in 2017. Opportunities in soy and alcohol are threatened by logistics and margins.

This report briefly discusses the subject market, its geographic footprint, main products and services, main competitors’ financial market performance and other complementary analyses. Recent decrease of the Brazilian Real in the global scenario may favour the increase of exports and result in better international performance.

Agribusiness Industry Report Sections

1. Overview of the Brazilian agribusiness sector
- Brief history of the Brazilian agriculture
- Brazilian agribusiness supply chain
- Production value and share on GDP (2008-2018)
- Production breakdown per product in volume (2016/2017)
- Regional characteristics of Brazilian agribusiness
- Production per hectare, permanent and temporary crops (2017)
- Product portfolio per geographic region (2017)
- Use of agricultural supplies (2010-2017)
- Exports and trade balance (2008-2017)
- Credit and investment (2008-2017)

2. Main products and services
- Grain production and price evolution (2007-2017/18)
- Sugarcane, sugar and alcohol production (2007-2017/18)
- Production breakdown per product in value (2008-2018)
- Supply and demand of agricultural products (2017/2018)
- Grain productivity and double harvest scheme (1991-2017)
- Agriculture: disbursements per product and region (2016/2017)
- Livestock farming: disbursements per product and region (2016/2017)

3. Main agribusiness competitors in Brazil
- Main financials for top 12 companies (2016)
- Ebitda and exports comparison among top 10 players (2016)
- Profitability vs. size among top 10 players (2016)
- Vertical integration and farm size per activity in Brazil

4. The Brazilian agribusiness sector in the global scenario
- Global agricultural production, consumption and exports (2007-2017/18)
- Breakdown of global production and supply of grains per product (2007-2017/18)
- Geographic breakdown of global grains and livestock production (2007-2017/18)
- Evolution of the global production of the mains livestock products (2001-2017)
- Soya: main opportunities and threats (2017-2027)
- Beef: main opportunities and threats (2004 vs. 2017 vs. Potential)
- Expectations for poultry and pork in Brazil (2008-2017)
- Supply chain industries – growth and involvement (2016/2017)
- Growth forecast for Brazilian agribusiness (2017-2027)