Careers in Business Intelligence & Market Research

Careers in Business Intelligence & Market Research will be dynamic, fast-paced, and growth-oriented. You will be paid to read about, study and understand specific details or a given industry, a company or similar topic of interest and to provide insightful analyses about your findings. And what is most exciting: your work will normally entail interaction with other people and you do not have to work bound to a corporate office.

Falke Information Market Research Careers

Our company has a clear and ambitious vision of the future, which promises to make a career at FALKE Information not just rewarding but very flexible and exciting as well. Being a young, boutique market research company, everyone in our team contributes to our success. No matter where from and in which career stage you are – if you are an intern working from home or a cosy coffee shop, or a management executive attending meetings and selling projects – you will be a part of an enthusiastic multinational team, striving to achieve growth, innovation and leadership.

If this sounds exciting and you are interested in working in this type of environment, as well as in the great challenges we can offer you, please send us your latest CV and cover letter to